Melanie Harwood

Founder of Harwood Education and an Education Specialist, Melanie has transformed her pain into purpose. When she tried nearly everything on the market to help her daughter, she finally felt compelled to create her own handwriting scheme, Start-Bee. While delivering her Start-Bee Handwriting programme to educators across the UK, she inspired Fiona Cowan to also solve the common problem she saw in her own classrooms…children coming to school not equipped with even the basic skills needed for learning.

Carlo San Juan

Chief Technology Officer for Harwood Education, Carlo works his magic to solve any problems that get in our way of delivering you the best multi-media experience AND he worked tirelessly to help Melanie Harwood transcribe each of Fiona Cowan’s videos. Now we can offer you Start-Bee videos, transcripts and downloads that are easy to use on your favourite device.

Fiona Cowan

Creator of Start-Bee Pre-Handwriting Programme, Headteacher Fiona Cowan took the initiative and extra time, energy and effort to make sure any pupil in her class would be given the best opportunity to receive the necessary building blocks for success…in her classroom and beyond.


Denise Meissner

Co-Founder of Harwood Education, Occupational Therapist and mother of a teen-aged son with Autism, Denise Meissner is also creator of Cross~Links Journey©, Triple P Programme©, the Carer~Teacher Enhanced Communication Journal, and QCharm Portable & Visual Cue System. Her mission is to support other carers, educators and anyone who works with children with Special Education Needs and challenging behaviours. Her ultimate goal is to help you create joyful and peaceful learning and living experiences as you interact with your child or pupil.

Jonathan Harwood

Co-Founder of Harwood Education and world-renowned film and editing specialist, Jonathan Harwood applied his expertise to bring Mini-Bees Pre-Handwriting to life. With engaging yet crystal-clear visuals and sound effects, you can almost smell the rain and the animals that are featured in the video lessons!