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Hello Start-Bee Friend!

Thank you so much for investing in your child’s academic success. We at Harwood Education, Ltd are excited to share with you this series of transformational emails which we designed to help you overcome obstacles that limit your child’s full academic potential.

If you are like us, you have tried to ensure your child is school ready, but there is always something which gets in your way.

And if you are like most of us, you have found navigating the path to your child’s success to be very confusing and frustrating.  Without any clear step-by-step guidance to show you the way to ensure your child is not left behind or struggling when they enter primary school alongside all their friends, you have done your best. Maybe now it is time to let us help you do the rest.

Are you interested in knowing the secret formula that will guarantee your child’s early academic success?


My free video training and free downloadable Assessment “How to assess if your child is ready for school” shares how parents like you and I can ensure your child is school ready…

…And it starts here in this video: Introduction to Start-Bee!

Are you ready to ensure your child is school ready? Let us help you to shift from wondering where you will find a clear step-by-step guidance to discovering the field-tested way to ensure your child is not left behind or struggling when they enter primary school alongside all their friends?

I’ll show you how right here.

Thank you for taking this very brave, first step towards improving your child’s academic readiness. Stay with us through the next 6 emails for more inspiration guidance. Learn from our experiences and benefit from the formula and guidance we offer you. 

Kindest Regards,

Melanie Harwood

P.S.  My free video series “How To Assess If Your Child is Ready For School” is only available for a short time. If you’ve had enough of worrying whether your child is going to be left behind or struggling when they enter primary school alongside all their friends and you are ready to start preparing your child for academic and personal success, you’ll want to check out this video now!



Hello Mini-Bees Friend,

We are so glad you are back with us! We know you want your child to be school ready so they can more easily access their school’s curriculum and social opportunities. Our mission is to help you help your child get the most of their school years and help them become adults who are productive in their local and global communities.

In the first email we shared with you a video to introduce you to your Mini-Bees pre-handwriting programme. Have you seen how it’s possible to ensure your child achieves academic success without struggling to figure out what to do to help them?

If you need to get caught up, go ahead and see the video here!

Would you like to be a pro-active parent and earn money helping other parents??

We at Harwood Education are on a mission to help you help your child and to give you an opportunity to transform your pain into purpose. We want to help you earn either a supplemental or brand new income by joining us as affiliates! We will give you free training on how to sell our courses so you can earn $100/sale of our Mini-Bees course. (You can also be affiliates for the Cross~Links Journey© course…just ask us and we will answer your questions.)

Why not visit our Mini-Bees Facebook page to get an idea of how Mini-Bees can help you and your child…

Visit our Mini-Bees Facebook

Keep your eyes open when you check your email to find another video coming your way. Stay with us to find out how Mini-Bees can help you help your child.

Kindest Regards,

Melanie Harwood – Education Specialist.

PS If you need the link to our Mini-Bees Facebook page, please click here….

Mini-Bees Facebook

Hello Mini-Bees Friend!

Well done staying on track with us. We appreciate your efforts to help your child be school ready so they can better access their school’s curriculum and social opportunities.

Today we would like to speak with you about a very important issue…

When trying to improve School Readiness for your Child, a lot of parents miss a key point…

The key point is that parents often do not know how to assess their child’s developmental challenges and how to correct for these challenges. To make matters worse, parents do not receive the support from the “experts” to help them identify the challenges and initiate intervention.

Can you relate to other parents who have missed this key point? Have you struggled or are you still struggling with getting the support you need to identify challenges and provide the best intervention? 

If so, are you ready for less confusion as to what you can do to ensure your child is really ready for school

Are you ready to receive an easier way to finally get School Readiness for your Child?

If you are curious, please see the video below….

Our free Mini-Bees Master Class begins to provide you with the support you have been craving. We have created this free master class so that you can get the tools you need to help your child right now. And then, as you gain confidence, you can then work to help other parents assess their child. That’s right, we will teach you how to earn money by assessing other children with our proven method.

Would you like to transform your pain into purpose? 

If so, we at Harwood Education invite you to consider joining with us as Affiliates. We will give you free training on how to sell our programmes. As you gain confidence, we also invite you to deliver our programmes as Specialist Tutors. Our mission is to help you earn either a supplemental or brand new income! 

We have tackled the tedious tech tricks so you can enjoy serving others.

Be among the very 1st to visit our new Facebook page to see how Mini-Bees can help you and your child. 

Then be among the 1st to join with us as Affiliates.

Check out this video where I explain how to make money with Mini-Bees…

Now stay with us because in the next email we will share more information and inspiration to help you get your child school ready!

Kindest Regards,

 Melanie Harwood (Education Specialist)

 PS – How do you stay on track to ensure your child is really ready for school, without getting sidetracked by not knowing what you can do that will make all the difference? I’m sharing how in this video

And if you need to earn extra cash by becoming an Affiliate and selling Mini-Bees (and even becoming a Specialist Tutor), please click on this link…


Hello Mini-Bees Friend

You’re still here!! Brilliant! Thank you for staying on track with us in your effort to help get your child school ready.

We want you and your child to be confident in your abilities to assess your child’s challenges and needs and then to receive the support you need as you seek intervention.  Here is the next part of our Groundbreaking Master Class which shows you, the parent/carer/tutor/teacher how to assess whether your child is, indeed, ready for school and achieving the expected milestones.

Today we want to show you how to benefit from the lessons we have learned as parents of children with special needs. My child’s learning needs forced me to create the Start-Bee Handwriting Programme because, despite my paying for the best school in our area, my daughter was falling through the net…big time. Plus, the “experts” failed to give me the support or resources that I needed to assess and correct for my child’s needs.

One of the lessons we have learned is that we are not alone. With all that is going on in our lives, it is sometimes easy to think that we are the only ones struggling to help our child reach certain developmental milestones. And it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking there is nothing out there to help us with our child. Or, we may fall into the feeling of overwhelm at the enormous amount of options available to us. 

Another lesson we have learned is that It is easy to blame ourselves and to feel ashamed to ask for help. This is why we have a very discrete way for you to access the help you need…in the comfort and privacy of your own home or in any quiet place you can find.

A third lesson that we have learned is that parents and carers have their own learning needs. This is why we offer you a ;