Handwriting assessment


Before embarking on a specific Start-Bee handwriting programme, every pupil is
assessed using Start-Bee’s Handwriting Match Fit Assessment TM to understand an
individual pupil’s current handwriting ability and needs.  By establishing the starting
point and outline for each and every pupil, schools are better placed to create a
Handwriting Strategy for their pupils, as well as the means to document a pupil’s
attainment as required by OFSTED.

Start-Bee’s Handwriting Match Fit Assessment TM takes less than an hour for an
entire class to complete, equipped with a BiC 2HD graphite pencil whilst under the
supervision of a teacher and under the guidance of a Start-Bee representative.  The
Handwriting Match Fit Assessment TM outlines not only the Handwriting Strategy for
each individual pupil, each class and an entire Year Group, it can even be used to
ascertain a School-wide Handwriting Strategy.

This is not only helpful for an OFSTED inspection but also shows that an Individual
Strategy is in place for each pupil in the event of their bookwork and presentation
being flagged up during an inspection.  With Start-Bee’s Handwriting Match Fit
Assessment TM, teachers are not expected to be Handwriting Specialists or
Occupational Therapists, instead, this easy to use tool enables any teacher to
quickly assess each pupil’s handwriting and clearly highlight the strategy required to
raise each pupil’s Literacy Outcomes.
If you’d like to order an assessment for your class, year group or school
please get in touch at info@start-bee.com.